The device is capable of disposing of needles completely and easily. It destroys needles with a temperature in excess of 1,600oC, reducing them to mere powder. This temperature is only generated within the needle itself and the unit remains cool with no risk of burns to the user. It can process a variety of needle sizes from 16~30 gauge. The unit is very compact and easy to operate, enabling it to be installed and operated an any healthcare setting. It is very economical consuming only 1KW of electricity to process 5,000 needles, with each needle taking only 1 second to be processed and destroyed.

The "Needle Smelter" is an effective and cost efficient needle disposal system, which can eliminate the risk of "needle stick injuries" to health care workers. The heat generated destroys infectious needles within 1 second and the remaining sterile powder is collected in am easy to empty chamber at the front of the unit. The "Needle Smelter" disposal system is easier and more economical than using standard hazard containers. The durability of the unit is excellent, being capable of destroying up to 4000 infectious needles per day.

Infected hypodermic needles which can cause serious needle-stick injuries are destroyed perfectly. The residue of the needle which remains after destruction is approx 2~3mm long and is blunt ended. The residual powder from the needles can be disposed of in a standard hazardous waste sack and poses no threat during disposal. The capacity of the chamber is approximately 3,000~4,000 needles.

The "Needle Smelter" is more economical and safer than using hazard containers alone.

* HS-045 sterilizes the needles contaminated by MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis B/C, and AIDS viruses by melting needles immediately. This new technique was adopted as the most effective method to protect medical and health care experts from the secondary infection.


Power 100~240V, 50~60Hz
Disposable Needles 16~30 gauge hypodermic needles
Burning Temperature Approx. 1600oC
Burning Time 70 needles/minute
Waste container capacity Approx. 3-4000 needles
Weight 1.3 kg
Dimension 150 x 270 x 130mm (W/L/H)
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